lördag, juni 20, 2015

James Joyce skriver brev

Min pappa läste James Joyces Ulysses många gånger, Joyce själv skrev två mycket korta berättelser om katter för sitt barnbarn Stephen James Joyce. Båda har nu hamnat i allmän ägo och de har publicerats som "böcker" med hjälp av duktiga illustratörer; The Cat and the Devil kan du läsa på flickr och den andra, som utspelar sig inte så långt härifrån lyder så här:

“The Cats of Copenhagen” (Letter to Stephen Joyce of 5 Sept. 1936)

There are lots and lots of fish and bicycles but there are no cats. Also there are no policemen. All the Danish policemen spend the day at home in bed. They smoke big Danish cigars and drink buttermilk all day long. There are lots and lots of young boys dressed in red on bicycles going around all day with telegrams and letters and postcards. These are all for the policemen from old ladies who want to cross the road and boys who are writing home for more sweets and girls who want to know something about the moon. When I come to Copenhagen again I will bring a cat and show the Danes how it can cross the road without any instructions from a policeman.

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